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Mission Ministry


The Kings Table

 This ministry develops and implements mission programs and awareness, both domestic and foreign, and balances the needs of the community with the resources of the church.

Fresh Start Prison Ministry

Care Ministry & MOF Scholarship Program

This ministry will evangelize, encourage, and equip those in prison so that they are  empowered to successfully transition back into society

This ministry provides peer mentoring to grade school and college students, as well as military personnel by providing encouragement that meets their spiritual, mental and physical needs. This ministry also selects students each year as recipients of the Robert Anderson Clark Memorial Scholarship and the Alexander “Skeeter” Robertson Memorial Scholarship.

First Touch Ministry

Far more than doorkeepers, this ministry provides the first and last contact of parishioners, embraces the well-being and care of members and visitors, and operates in excellence with the understanding that their service is unto God.

Good Shepherd Ministry

 This ministry is designed for maintaining monthly contact with every parishioner and assessing their various necessities. This ministry will also serve as a “follow up” to sheep that have left the fold. The goal is to meet parishioners (and community) needs and during the process provide spiritual counseling according to God’s Word.

Strength Through Unity

 This ministry is designed to plan and provide Christ centered recreational activities for all ages. Thus strengthening the bond within the church body and expanding the total reach of the church.

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