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The history of Monument of Faith is one based on unwavering faith, passion and endless sacrifice.  In the year of 1993, the voice of God reached the heart of Founder and Pastor Emeritus Bobby Robertson to return to his hometown of Eden and begin a ministry.  Upon sharing God’s words with his wife, both began a process of consecration and deep meditation in order to serve as founding pastors of this ministry.  This ministry was destined to be a return to old fashioned church as it was built on the faith of old - a faith that centered on constant commitment, solid trust, and dedication.  Pastor Robertson designed our place of worship to be a lifelong evidence, a permanent reminder, and an eternal example - a monument of complete trust, devotion, commitment, loyalty and belief in God.


On Sunday, June 6th at 6:00 pm in the year 1993, the doors of the former Monument of Faith United Holy Church were officially opened at 320 North Henry Street, the former home of the old Robinson Memorial United Holy Church.  The church was generously given by Sister Josephine Richardson.  Pastor Robertson preached the first of many sermons entitled “Making Peace with Yesterday” in the newly ordained edifice. The charter members of the church include Elder Bobby Robertson, Elder Carol Robertson, Elder Walter Robertson, Andrea Byers, Valerie Akins, Joseph Robertson, Douglas Akins, JoSef Akins, Dennice Rippey, and Ken Thompson.  The first official members to join the church were Thomas Millner (deceased), Phyllis Parker, Barbara Brown (deceased) and Leslie Wyche (deceased).  With Elder Bobby Robertson serving as founder and Senior Pastor, Elder Carol Robertson as Co-Pastor and First Lady and Elder Lannie Robertson as Youth Pastor, the church continued to grow until the ‘Ment, as it was affectionately called, had reached its maximum capacity. 


In the year 1995, God again spoke to Pastor Robertson to erect a new sanctuary and facility for Monument of Faith.  Pastor Robertson spent countless hours allowing the voice of God to lead and guide him in the actual design and drawing of this edifice.  With his architectural and drawing skills, Pastor Robertson was able to construct and complete the layout and design for the new sanctuary or Phase I of the Building Project.  After three years of working towards the vision, the members of Monument of Faith gathered on the grounds of our new church for our official Groundbreaking Ceremony on May 19, 1999.  Approximately two hundred fifty people,

most of which were adorned in commemorative “Grounding Breaking 1999” T-shirts, gathered on the rock and dirt of the site.  The mayor and city commissioners of Eden, along with distinguished clergy, gathered as members took turns digging into and tossing up the vision.  It was indeed a morning of prayer and festivity as we actively imagined and anticipated our new place of worship.  Countless hours of labor were endured by both male and female church members in order to complete construction of the new ‘Ment, especially at the hands of Pastors Elders Bobby and Carol Robertson, Bro. Douglas Akins, the late Bro. Johnny Wright and the late Elder Billy Harbor.  Aide in the building of the new church came from so many.  We are grateful to members of Gospel Light United Holy Church and Mebane Chapel Holy Church as well as New Covenant and Saint Mariah United Holy Churches in the form of Bishop Harry Cohen.  Members from Pastor Robertson’s former church, Saint’s Delight United Holy Church, under the guidance of Bro. Bennie Kearney, a licensed contractor, willingly spent a week or more of their time to aid in the completion of the new facility.  Several area businessmen and citizens assisted us by donating money in order to see the completion of the vision.     


On March 31, 2002 (Easter Sunday), the dedication of the new Monument of Faith Church marked the end of the initial phase of our building program.  Following the lead of our overjoyed leaders Pastors Bobby and Carol Robertson, distinguished clergy, city officials and specials guests, members marched from the old church to the new church directly across the street, moving from glory to glory.  The glory of the Lord was evident in the new facility which seats approximately four hundred and includes a pastoral complex, additional bathrooms, a ladies lounge, a bridal room, offices and classrooms.  The new Monument of Faith is a representation of our mission and beliefs.  Pastors Bobby and Carol Robertson sought out symbols and colors that would emphasize our desire of “Touching the Untouchable.”  The octagonal shape of the sanctuary symbolizes the regenerating power of Jesus Christ.  The plum/purple colors represent humility.  The well located in the vestibule area represents God’s desire to be a “living well of our water springing up in our souls.”  The mural design, painted by Rev. Major McNair, represents “no more water but fire next time.”  The dove and the young man being embraced by God symbolize his matchless love and the declaration that whosoever believes on him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  The stone in the pulpit area symbolizes that Jesus Christ is in fact a stone hewed out of the mountain.   

On March 10, 2007, just past midnight, the Pastors and several members gathered as the old ‘Ment burned to the ground.  Remembering the church days of old and our humble beginnings, the hours of praise and worship where messages and the power of a fresh anointing mended hearts, broke yokes and restored souls and minds, some members wept silently as the flames destroyed our former sanctuary.  This site is now where we will erect our fellowship hall, in remembrance of how far God has brought us and how proactive faith has not only shaped our church mission but our zeal and passion for doing God’s will.   


On February 3, 2013, we witnessed the changing of the guard as the torch was passed from father to son as Pastor Lannie transitioned from Youth Pastor to Pastor, while Pastors Bobby and Carol Robertson became Pastors Emeritus, focusing on establishing satellite churches in the Triad and surrounding communities.  As the newly ordained Pastor of Monument of Faith Ministries, Inc., Pastor Lannie delivered his first sermon entitled “You’re Irritated but Illuminated” on February 10, 2013.


We have grateful hearts and spirits as we celebrate the blessings God has bestowed upon us, yet anticipating many more things to come.  We, the members of Monument of Faith, will remain steadfast and unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord.  As pillars of the community, we will achieve with no boundaries – growing in God, and in turn, impacting those we have been charged to minister to in a positive manner. We will forever live out our motto, “Touching the Untouchable” to save a life.

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